OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: Nasa space gun to hunt life on Mars

 (NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/AFP via Ge)
(NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/AFP via Ge)
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Could a hand-held laser gun help future Mars missions hunt down alien life forms?

The University of Maryland–led team says the Nasa-funded zapper, called Orbitrap, is a smaller version of a drug discovery device instrument used in labs that can be easily tucked away aboard a spaceship.

It uses an ultraviolet ray to scan Martian particles for organic compounds.

Volcano experts have discovered a vast, moving chamber of magma gurgling away beneath an underground volcano close to the fancy tourist beaches of Santorini in Greece.

Tech & Science Daily finds what the team uncovered with study lead author Dr Kajetan Chrapkiewicz, a geophysicist at Imperial College London.

The population of China has fallen for the first time in six decades with just 6.77 births for every 1,000 people - despite the scrapping of the communist regime’s one-child policy.

At the same time, amid Covid, the rate of deaths also outpaced the number of births at the highest rate since the mid-Seventies.

Plus, UK-Saudi space solar power plan, how drinking milk helped the ancients grow up strong, jumpers to foil facial recognition, AI party art fail, and the Getty AI picture lawsuit, and would you live in a cryptocurrency-themed Hollywood home?

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