OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: Nasa Moon rocket blasts off!

Nasa’s Artemis 1 rocket blasts off to the moon (Nasa/Bill Ingalls)
Nasa’s Artemis 1 rocket blasts off to the moon (Nasa/Bill Ingalls)

It’s lift-off for Nasa’s Artemis 1 lunar mission aboard the space agency’s biggest-ever rocket.

The launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida is a tester for the first human moon shot in nearly half a century, which is planned for 2025.

The roughly 330ft SLS rocket blasted off from with the Orion spacecraft attached, with the 26-day mission’s tests including how well its heatshield can protect astronauts on re-entry.

The Winchcombe meteorite has been found to contain alien amino acid, water and organic compounds in its make-up, which could reveal insights into the origin of Earth’s oceans.

The rare carbonaceous meteorite crashed onto a driveway in Gloucestershire after lighting up the skies, and has been examined by experts at the Natural History Museum and University of Glasgow.

Scientists at Cambridge University say they’ve developed synthetic enzymes that act like ‘molecular scissors’ it’s hoped could help beat future viruses sprung on humanity like Covid-19.

Tech & Science Daily spoke to Dr Alex Taylor, of the Cambridge Institute of Therapeutic Immunology & Infectious Disease, whose findings are published in Nature Communications.

Plus, research link between headphones and hearing loss in young people, probe over thousands of North Sea lobster and crab deaths, Deliveroo quits Australia, lab-grown ‘fillet steak’ and historic honour for rare electric cranes.

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