OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: Could the four-day work week become reality?

Could the four day work week become reality  (PA Wire)
Could the four day work week become reality (PA Wire)

A major four-day week trial has shown most companies see massive staff mental health benefits and an increase in profits.

At least 56 out of 61 firms that took part in the six-month trial, said they plan to continue with the four-day working week, while 18 confirmed the policy has become a permanent change.

The findings will be presented to MPs as campaigners urge lawmakers to give every British worker a 32-hour working week.

Are we one step closer to the end of HIV?

Researchers say a third person has been cured after a stem cell transplant.

The 53-year-old patient had not taken antiretroviral medicine, or suppressants, for four years and has not relapsed.

WhatsApp’s latest iOS update finally lets you multitask on video calls.

Meta has begun rolling out a new picture-in-picture mode, which works similarly to FaceTime, allowing video call windows to shrink and sit on top of any app they switch to.

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