OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: Backlash against Twitter’s unlabelled parody accounts ban


There’s been a huge reaction online after Elon Musk announced that Twitter will ban unlabelled parody accounts.

Many are criticising the move as the billionaire is the subject of a large number of these types of accounts and Musk professes to be a ‘free speech advocate’.

Accounts that changed their name to Musk’s appear to have been suspended or placed behind a warning sign, including those of US comedian Kathy Griffin and Australian satirical website the Chaser.

A facial recognition expert claims that an elderly man living in Australia is a definite match for an aristocrat who fled after his family’s nanny was murdered.

Lord Lucan is accused of brutally killing Sandra Rivett in 1974 with a lead pipe.

Lab-grown red blood cells have been transfused into people in a world first clinical trial.

The hope is this will help revolutionise treatments for patients with rare blood types or sickle cell disease.

And the rest

Instagram is introducing age verification tools for UK users, Rishi Sunak is appealing to world leaders for a push on ‘clean growth’ at COP27, and researchers behind lung disease spotting AI say it ‘could be key to cutting hospital pressures’.

Apple is warning of delays with its new iPhone rollout due to a Covid outbreak in China and a report has found that cases of mouth cancer in the UK are on the rise. Plus, scientists say a new star system discovery may be the oldest in our galaxy.

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