OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: Black Friday scams and how to avoid them

Black Friday scams and how to avoid them (PA Wire)
Black Friday scams and how to avoid them (PA Wire)

To raise awareness of potential scams around Black Friday Global Cybersecurity Advisor Jake Moore has spoken to Tech & Science Daily about how to avoid being scammed.

He recommends using a ‘burner’ email address exclusively for shopping, to avoid personal email addresses being collected by scammers, if a website is hacked.

He also said that consumers should change the default passwords on any smart tech they buy which connects to their home wifi, to stop hackers from gathering personal information.

Chris Harris CEO of Evolito, a tech firm developing light-weight powerful electric motors for aircraft, told Tech & Science Daily we could see thousands of flying cars whizzing around our cities by 2050.

Chris said air-taxis of the future could be built with eight of the light-weight powerful electric motors developed by Evolito.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that the ultra-low emission zone will be expanded across all of Greater London next summer.

It means 15 per cent of vehicles registered in the new outer London zone will be liable for the £12.50-a-day levy.

The UK government has announced that sharing “downblouse” photographs and pornographic “deepfake” images without consent will be made crimes under the upcoming Online Safety Bill.

The amendment to the bill means police and prosecutors will have more power to bring abusers to justice.

Plus, Elon Musk is set to reinstate suspended Twitter accounts, the Charles Darwin document going on auction that could fetch £1million+ and Mercedes’ $1,200 subscription for ‘acceleration increase’ add-on.

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