OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: Frozen 48,500-year-old ‘zombie’ virus revived


Scientists have revived a ‘zombievirus that spent 48,500 years frozen in permafrost in Siberia.

A team of French professors have isolated several strains of ancient virus from multiple samples of permafrost taken from across Siberia and showed they could each infect cultured amoeba cells.

They’ve warned that more ancient viruses could come ‘back to life’ in the future.

There are concerns about Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant after Russian missile strikes cut it off from the main electricity power supply.

Ukraine’s state nuclear operator Energoatom said that the fifth and sixth reactors have been shut down and electric power is being supplied by 18 diesel generators which can provide power for just ten days.

Scientists are looking into whether a ‘sober up’ drug could cure the effects of a hangover.

Researchers in the US have been trialling the injection of a hormone called FGF21 in mice, and found that it protected against the loss of balance and mobility associated with intoxication.

The director of the FBI has warned TikTok ‘screams’ of national security concerns.

Christopher Wray warned that China could use the app to control software on millions of devices, and also drive narratives to divide Americans over issues like Taiwan.

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