OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: Chinese ‘spy balloon’ over US

 (CHASE DOAK/AFP via Getty Images)
(CHASE DOAK/AFP via Getty Images)

A suspected Chinese ‘spy balloon’ flying over the US is being ‘monitored’ by the Pentagon.

The high-altitude device has been spotted over sensitive sites in the past few days, and defence officials said they’re confident of the country it belongs to.

However, China has warned against any speculation until the facts are verified.

Jupiter has overtaken Saturn for the planet in our solar system with the most moons - a whopping 92 to be exact.

The Minor Planet Center in the US has just published orbits for 12 newly-reported moons.

Experts have predicted that the number of people diagnosed with cancer in the UK 'will rise by a third by 2040’.

Analysis by Cancer Research UK has found that based on current trends, cases will rise from 384,000 to more than half a million in the next 17 years.

Figures show four-fifths of UK butterfly species have declined since the 1970s.

Richard Fox, Head of Science at Butterfly Conservation, told Tech & Science Daily the biggest driver of the decline is the destruction of butterflies’ habitats, as well as pollution caused by fertilisers and fossil fuels.

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