OPINION - Tech & Science Daily: The Rings of Power vs ‘review bombing’


Amazon put a three-day pause on reviews for its new TV show ‘Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’.

According to reports, the tactic is being used to help prevent online trolls from review bombing - where a large number of people or a few with multiple accounts, post negative user reviews online in an attempt to harm the sales or popularity of a product, a service, or a business.

An Amazon representative told Variety that it put the policy in place to give the service time to evaluate whether a user review comes from an actual viewer — not a bot or troll looking to hijack the reviews section.

The UK government is forcing crypto exchanges to report suspected sanction breaches.

It comes over concerns that bitcoin and other crypto assets are being used to dodge restrictions imposed in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A study suggests that primate behaviour changed when zoos were closed during the pandemic.

Tech & Science Daily spoke to Dr Ellen Williams, Lecturer in Animal Behaviour & Welfare at Harper Adams University.

Dr Williams explained that although they did see behavioural changes, it wasn’t clear cut as to whether opening or closing had a positive or negative impact on the animals.

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