Opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer wants to decentralise power in the UK

The UK government's main opposition leader, Labour's Sir Keir Starmer, has promised to take some power away from the central government in Westminster if his party wins the next election.

"It's the whole Westminster system," the Labour leader told reporters. "No similar country puts so much decision-making in the powers of so few people. It`s no wonder the problems of communities up and down the country don`t get the attention they deserve."

In his argument for a more decentralised approach, some analysts are saying it appears to be a partial embrace of the language of Brexit in 'taking back control' - a slogan bandied about during the referendum, but Starmer was clear in his intent.

"We will modernise central government so it becomes dynamic, agile, strong and above all focused, driven by clear, measurable objectives. National missions, a new approach to the power of government. More strategic, more relaxed about bringing the expertise of public and private businesses and unions, town and city, and using that partnership to drive our country forward."

The Labour leader also said his party would repeal the Conservative government's proposed anti-strike legislation should it come into force.

A wave of industrial action across the public sector has prompted UK prime minister Rishi Sunak to consider such laws.