Oprah and Ellen run amok in a grocery store

Oprah stopped by Ellen on Wednesday, where they showed a video of the pair going for a leisurely romp through a local grocery store. And by leisurely romp, we mean they were surrounded by cameras, along with other shoppers, and Ellen pulling all sorts of shenanigans.

Oprah and Ellen attempt to cook dinner for a woman they met at the grocery store. (Photo: NBC)

Oprah had admittedly not been to a grocery store since Thanksgiving 2016, and Ellen said she hadn’t been to one in years, so this was an unfamiliar adventure for the two. They started their journey in the fruit-and-veggie area, where Ellen got a picture of Oprah holding a couple of melons (use your imagination); Oprah informed Ellen of the right-size cucumber (again, use your imagination); and Ellen sprayed down the veggies with a hose.

Later, Ellen got on the intercom to address the shoppers. And Oprah probably wishes she hadn’t.

“I need the dandruff shampoo for Oprah. If someone can tell me where the dandruff shampoo for Oprah is. And the Odor Eaters. What else did you want? Odor Eaters, dandruff shampoo, and ointment,” Ellen said for all to hear.

And wouldn’t you know it, they just happened upon a large display of Oprah’s food brand, “O, That’s Good,” which they stocked up on before heading to the checkout.

Oprah and Ellen are both known for their generous giveaways, and on this day they were true to form. They not only paid for one woman’s groceries but also went back to her place and at least attempted to cook her dinner.

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