Oregon Fishermen Struggle to Release Giant Pacific Octopus Caught in Crab Pot

A group of fishermen were shocked when they pulled up a magnificent giant Pacific octopus while fishing for crabs off the coast of Newport, Oregon, viral video shows.

Footage taken by fisherman David Miller shows the massive octopus tangled in a crab pot, as his crewmates struggle to pull out its tentacles.

“That’s impressive,” one remarks, as they watch the sea creature ooze around the boat before they released it back into the water.

The giant Pacific octopus is widely distributed throughout the north Pacific. When they are encountered by humans, it’s often because they are found clinging to crab pots, according to Oregon State University. Credit: David Miller via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh my god. Look at him compared my foot. Are you video taping me? I'm going to chuck him.

- I was just going to say, let's throw him back in.

- Oh, for sure. We don't want to kill him anyhow.

- I've got a video going.

- All right.

- Let's see if I can get him unsuctioned. Oh, he's-- he really wants to go that way.

- He left his tentacle there. He's stuck under your feet.

- Dude, do these have teeth, or just suction?

- No, just suction.

- Look at the size of that thing.

- He's trying to squeeze out. I'm not really sure what the right party is here.

- Oh my god, he's heavy. You want to take the other side of that? Get out of there. There's his mouth. He's on the-- there's a string of wire. The wire around the [INAUDIBLE]. We're gonna have to get in here. Pull.

- He's suctioned on it.

- He's getting shish-kabobbed. He's trying to get out that hole. Problem is, we go the other way now, he's just gonna suction on the other side.

- We got him, Mark. Here he goes.

- Wow.

- Holy [MUTED]. That's impressive. Sorry, I'm not trying to get in your way there.

- Oh, little nookie.

- Oh no.

- Ready?

- Yeah.

- Scoop it in the net. Hell, yeah. Woo.

- Not bad.

- Let's do that a few more times, huh?

- Heck yeah.

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