Oregon Police Make Surprise Housecall to Celebrate Woman's 90th Birthday

Police officers in Nyssa, Oregon, said they surprised a resident for her 90th birthday and left her with a “priceless” look of “surprise and appreciation.”

The Nyssa Police Department shared this footage on November 5 of officers greeting Shirley Lassiter and singing “Happy Birthday” to her. In the video, one officer shouts “Open the door! You have the right to have a happy 90th birthday, Shirley Lassiter!”

“One of the beautiful benefits of living and serving in our little town is that we can take a break from training to swing by and wish Mrs. Shirley Lassiter a very Happy 90th Birthday with her friends and family. She’s an amazing young lady,” the Nyssa Police Department said on Facebook. Credit: Nyssa Police Department via Storyful