Oregon state representative trashes former Ducks commit, comes full circle in personal Twitter saga

Willie Taggart’s departure from Oregon provided a life lesson for an Oregon state official. (AP)

Oregon State Representative Bill Post is a Ducks football fan.

Like many Oregon supporters, he felt some disappointment when head coach Willie Taggart left to take the Florida State opening on Tuesday.

At the same time, he appeared to understand that Taggart faced a significant life opportunity and made a decision he felt was in his and his family’s best interests.

That’s a welcome, civilized and atypically reasonable response from a disappointed sports fan on Twitter. Nicely done.

After Taggart left, four-star wide receiver Braden Lenzy, who had verbally committed to Oregon, decided to re-open his commitment for obvious reasons. Here’s a young man with a valuable talent facing a decision that will affect the rest of his life, and one of the primary reasons he decided to play for Oregon is now gone.

So he’d like to make sure he’s making the best decision for himself.

That all makes sense. Right, Bill?

Oh. Ok.

There appear to be two different sets of rules in Post’s school of sports fandom.

1. A grown man with financial stability leaves the team you love to sign a deal with another team worth tens of millions of dollars: Congrats, man. Best wishes.

2. A teenager with a talent that may one day pay him well if everything goes right, but is not going to make a penny now despite his contribution and physical sacrifice to a billion dollar industry reopens his commitment: Screw you, kid.

Yikes. That is not a good look. Especially considering that Lenzy has not ruled out recommitting to Oregon. Post is clearly not doing himself any favors here as an Oregon fan. Or as a state representative.

Some of his fellow Oregon residents let him know as much.

But that wasn’t the end of this Twitter tale. Late Thursday, after some apparent personal reflection, and definitely a storm of negative Twitter and media feedback, Post saw the error of his ways. And he issued the following social media mea culpa.

Those are wise words indeed, Bill.