Orionid meteor shower 2017: Stargazers share dazzling images as radiant display lights up the sky

Fiona Simpson
Dazzling display: Orionid meteors light up the sky over the Sierra de las Nieves nature park in Malaga: REUTERS

The Orionid meteor shower dazzled stargazers across the globe with a radiant display of light.

The shower, visible when the Earth passes through debris left by Halley’s Comet, peaked this weekend leaving skywatchers stunned.

Astronomy fans in the UK were left disappointed as Storm Brian caused cloudy skies leaving a phenomenal 20 shooting stars an hour difficult to see.

However, people across the world took to social media to share images of the beautiful sight from the likes of Malaga, in Spain, Perth, in Australia, and New Hampshire in the US.

Photographer Marc Pozniakias posted an image of the shower on Instragram hailing the sight “incredible”.

Lee Howdle defied Brian and posted a dazzling image from Derby.

Amazing images were also taken in Dubai and the south of France.

On Wednesday there were nearly 200 reports of a fireball blasting through the sky as it travelled for hundreds of miles over the United States.

It was mainly visible across New York and New Jersey, but there were also reported sightings of it in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland and New Hampshire, according to nonprofit astronomy group The American Meteor Society.

The group described the fireball as: “Brighter in the sky than Venus, one of the brightest celestial bodies in a night sky,” according to NBC.

A video, obtained by Radcakes, shows a bright light briefly appear in the clear blue sky before disappearing.