New Orleans's Bourbon Street Empty as Coronavirus Cases Surge in Louisiana

New Orleans’s famous Bourbon Street in the French Quarter was nearly empty on the evening of March 24 as the partiers who would have normally filled the area stayed home amid the city’s COVID-19 lockdown, which began March 17, local media reported.

“Bourbonstreet on lockdown during COVID-19,” wrote Brian Jarreau, who uploaded this Instagram video showing the quiet street. “Social distancing is REAL. I had to make a special trip out and this is a trip!”

As of March 26, New Orleans was predicted to be another potential hotspot for the coronavirus, with 2,305 COVID-19 cases confirmed by the Louisiana Department of Health and 83 deaths – a massive jump from the 300 confirmed cases just a week prior. Credit: brianjarreau_photography via Storyful