Orphaned lamb finds new family after he's adopted by a dog - who even go on walks together!

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An orphaned lamb got its spring back in its step after it was adopted by a four-year-old and her pet dog - and now loves going for 'walkies'.

Brian the lamb was fostered by Ruby Clough, four, after its mother died in childbirth and sister soon after.

The farmer was only too happy to let Ruby do the hard work needed to raise a vulnerable baby that needed special attention and regular bottle feeds.

And the leaping lamb was an instant surprise hit with the girl's dog - border terrier Nel.

The two four-legged friends are now inseparable - leaving neighbours to do a double take when they go on walks together, each on a dog leash.

Brian loves nothing more than sneaking into Nel's dog bed for a snuggle, or going for zoomies around the garden with his fluffy friend.

The Blue Texel sleeps in the house in a crate near his doggy pals, Nel and other dog Brooke.

The cute lamb will stay with Ruby and her parents Tammy Blackburn and Andrew Clough, 27 and 52, until he's big enough to join the rest of the flock.

Dog groomer Tammy added: "At first they just sort of sniffed round him, and when he baa'd for milk they ran over to him.

"One of the dogs started licking him and the other was sniffing him - they just accepted him like he was a little pup!

"We get double-takes when we're out walking them all and yesterday someone backtracked and said 'is that a lamb or am I seeing things?'"

Tammy was helping with lambing at the farm behind their home in Gomersal, West Yorkshire, when she spotted lonely Brian in March 4.

She said: "He was put under this heat lamp all on his own it was just a bit like 'awww!'"

The next day she brought her daughter Ruby along to meet him and she begged her to let her take him home.

The farmer was happy for the mum and daughter to foster the lamb, which needed to be bottle fed, until he was big enough to re-enter his flock as a breeding ram.

After pleading with Andrew on FaceTime, the pair scooped up new born Brian and drove him home on Tammy's knee to meet the other canine members of the family.

Tammy said: "At first he was scared but within an hour he came round to the idea, and then he just followed them out into the garden."

The Blue Texel lamb now weighs the same as just two bags of sugar, but doesn't stop him causing maximum chaos with his puppy pals.

Mum-of-one Tammy said: "He's started springing in the air so then the dogs have a mad fifteen minutes round the house.

"One of the dogs runs after him and they just run around with each other and jump in the air, and the other dog looks on like 'really?'

"He'll have a half hour when he runs around and then takes himself off to bed and then he crashes."

Nel and Brian have been inseparable ever since, with the dogs cuddling up to the lamb in his crate, and Brian sneaking into the dog's bed when Tammy isn't looking.

Blending into the pack comes naturally for Brian, as his other favourite activity is chewing on the rugs just like a puppy.

He is given some milk every five or six hours, and always makes it well known when it's time for a snack.

Lamb-mum Tammy said: "He headbutts your leg! They do it to their mums so you know when they're hungry. 

"He's pretty good, but does do a wee on the carpet every so often."

Ruby is also very fond of her new pet, playing him songs on her keyboard or singing his favourite song; 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'.

After Brian is taken off the bottle and gets too big for domestic life, he will re-join the flock in the field behind the household to be used for breeding in a couple of months time.