Orpington Remembrance Parade 2022, Pragathi Murthy, Newstead Wood

Image showing the roundabout and memorial where Orpington parade took place and its attendance. <i>(Image: Pragathi Murthy, Newstead wood)</i>
Image showing the roundabout and memorial where Orpington parade took place and its attendance. (Image: Pragathi Murthy, Newstead wood)

Orpington Remembrance Parade 2022 by Pragathi Lakshmi Murthy, Newstead Wood school for girls 

This year remembrance parade was celebrated nation-wide on Sunday 13th of November and Orpington was no different. We had a wonderful procession in remembrance of all the soldiers who put their lives at stake for our country and many people from all around the city attended. The main processions for the general public took place in our high street, in front of our busy Tesco around our own memorial of the soldiers from our town which everyone can admire year-round while travelling through that roundabout.

Many notable members of society attended to pay their respects and led this parade successfully. Orpington is also lucky enough to have a wide variety of services to also assist with parades like this like our air, sea and army cadets as well as large crowds of young scouts, brownies, cubs and so on. Other emergency services attended as well. An amazing job was carried out successfully, specifically the navy cadets who guarded the memorial for the whole procession and the other cadets and officers who lead the marching through the high street afterwards. Everyone who took part in the parade did a wonderful job.

Though the preparations of the parade began way earlier at around 9:30am, the official parade with the general public began at about 10:30 as the cadets valiantly marched into their places around the memorial, with the little scouts trailing behind. From there, prayers from the church were said, poems praising the soldiers were read and heartfelt music was played and then the 2 minutes of silence began. It was a strong atmosphere as the whole crowd around the memorial was silent (except a few crying babies and phones going off) each person deep in memory and gratitude for the soldiers of our country. Once that was done, one by one, notable members of community laid their poppy wreaths at the feet of the memorial and parade was finally dismissed about an hour later as the crowds applauded for the great service that took place that day.

This was not the end for some others though, the cadets marched through the high street, proud in their uniforms, until they reached the Canadian memorial near the graveyard opposite the church where another service was taking place. Once the service in the church was complete it was followed by the final service at the Canadian corner which finished at around 01:00pm. After the long morning everyone was dismissed, each person still carrying the memory of these soldiers:

“We will remember them, Lest we forget”