Oscar De La Hoya floats presidential run

It’s still a long way from 2020, but Oscar De La Hoya has already floated around the possibility of running for office.

Don’t count out Oscar De La Hoya in 2020.

On Tuesday, the boxer told a group of reporters in Las Vegas where he’s promoting Saturday’s middleweight rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin that he’s serious about running for office in 2020.

“If Arnold [Schwarzenegger] can be governor, if Trump can be president, then why can’t a Mexican-American who won an Olympic gold medal, who’s over 35 and a U.S. citizen run for president?” De La Hoya said. “That’s the beauty of our nation.”

De La Hoya said that he had begun considering a career in politics “many years ago” and that if he did, he would run as a Democrat.

The boxer could face President Donald Trump, who he has a grudge with, in 2020.

Two years ago, De La Hoya said that Trump cheated in a game of golf and wondered how someone who cheated in a gentleman’s game could run the country.

Trump denied that he ever played with De La Hoya despite video footage proving otherwise.

Like Trump, however, De La Hoya’s past is not clean-cut. Although he has devoted himself to charity work as of late – such as funding a cancer wing in honor of his late mother and opening a charter school – he previously battled addiction and was even photographed with a New York stripper.

“As I got older, I get wiser and as I get wiser, I get smarter, and as I get smarter, I start to realize the millions and millions of people who’ve told me, ‘Oscar, why don’t you run for some kind of office? … . Because you can make a difference,’” De La Hoya said.

De La Hoya, like Trump, has no prior experience in politics.

“If the numbers look right, I’m gonna go for it,” De La Hoya told TMZ. 

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