Oscars 2018: Worst dressed of the 90th Academy Awards

Jennifer Kline

Hollywood has 364 days each year to prepare for the Oscars -- and yet somehow, plenty of stars still manage to whiff on the red carpet.

This year's lineup was no exception. From underwhelming to just plain puzzling, a number of Oscars guests apparently let the pressure get to their heads while dressing shopping.

Salma Hayek missed the mark in a sequined lilac that had way too much going on. Head-to-toe sequins combined with heavy-looking draped crystals made for an unnecessarily complicated look.

Kelly Ripa's look was also a flop: While her hair looked lovely in '50s-style waves, the bright green and pink fabric tacked to her black gown was quite confusing. 

Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg and Andra Day were drowning in excess material while Emma Stone seemingly forgot that the night's dress code is black tie. A pantsuit is fine, but hers would have been more appropriate for a standard Sunday brunch. No thanks!

See all the red carpet arrivals at the 2018 Academy Awards: