Oslo ambulance incident: Armed man 'crashes into several people including woman and two babies in Norway'

Katy Clifton

An armed man has been arrested after hitting a woman and two babies in a pushchair with a stolen ambulance in Oslo, police have said.

Police fired shots at the ambulance before arresting the suspect. He was not critically injured, police said.

The man injured three people - a woman and two seven-month-old babies who are now in hospital.

A police spokesman said on Twitter: "We are in control of an ambulance that was stolen by an armed man. Shots were fired to stop the perpetrator, he is not critically injured."

They later added: "A woman with a stroller and an elderly married couple have run over or had to jump off at the Sandaker Center.

"The woman and children are in hospital."

An Oslo University hospital spokesman added: "Two babies were injured after the hijacked ambulance hit a family.

"They are twins, seven months old, they are being treated."

A damaged ambulance is seen parked after an incident in the center of Oslo (AP)

Police also confirmed they are searching for a woman in connection with the incident.

"We are looking for a woman who was involved in the traffic accident and who we put in connection with the robbery of the ambulance," the force said.

Pictures taken at the scene show a police cordon in place while emergency services remain at the scene.

Norweigian police did not say whether the incident was being treated as a deliberate attack.

They also declined to say how many had been hit by the vehicle or if anyone had died from their injuries.

An upturned car is cordoned off by police after an incident in the centre of Oslo (AP)

"An armed man stole an ambulance, drove away and hit some people. We got him now," the police spokesman told Reuters.

Witnesses told Afternposten that two police cars drove into the ambulance to stop it.

Cathrine Hellesoy Harrisson told the newspaper: "My husband saw a police officer push in towards the driver's seat."

The newspaper also published a photo showing a man wearing green trousers lying next to the vehicle surrounded by police officers.

Police officers apprehend an armed man who stole an ambulance (via REUTERS)

Anders Bayer, a spokesman for Oslo University Hospital, confirmed to Norwegian news agency NTB that the ambulance was stolen by an armed person.

The hospital spokesman said two of the hospital's ambulances were involved.

"One was hijacked by an armed person with a shotgun," he said.

"Some minutes later one of our other ambulances managed to stop the hijacked vehicle by crashing into it. Then the police came after the crash and got him."

Three employees in the vehicle when it was stolen were unharmed, he added.

The incident took place in the northern part of the Norwegian capital.