Ouch! Catherine Zeta-Jones injures foot in Christmas decorating accident

Catherine Zeta-Jones has hurt her foot
Catherine Zeta-Jones has hurt her foot.

Catherine Zeta-Jones isn’t feeling very festive at the moment – she’s recovering from a foot injury sustained while putting up Christmas decorations.

The Chicago star shared an Instagram video in which she was feeling very sorry for herself after an iron rod ruined her fun by falling on her foot on Sunday. Ouch.

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In the video Zeta-Jones shows only her sore foot, which is wrapped in a sock and ziploc bag of ice while she keeps it elevated on pillows.

She captioned it: “Ziplock Zeta Foot Fashion! Ice ice baby.”

Zeta-Jones says on the video: “So I was putting up my Christmas decorations and an iron rod that’s supposed to be a sculpture, which I don’t even like, fell on my foot.

“And it hurts. Happy Sunday.”

Darling Buds Of May actor Zeta-Jones celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary with Michael Douglas last month.

He wished his wife a happy anniversary by tweeting: “Happy 20th Anniversary my darling!

“I love you always and forever @catherinezetajones.”

She also recently shared a happy family photo of them sharing a Thanksgiving dinner with their children and Douglas’s elder son Cameron.

Douglas told the story of how he and Zeta-Jones met during his anniversary message, recalling that he had been wowed by her when he watched her in The Mask of Zorro.

Their paths crossed at the Deauville Film Festival in France, where she was promoting the film, and they went for a drink together.

He infamously told her: “I’m going to be the father of your children.”

Douglas, 76, admitted that the line had not gone down well, but they eventually married two years later and have two children together.

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