Ouch! Police Release Footage Showing TV Falling on Burglar in Carrollton

Police in Carrollton, Texas, are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a burglar who broke into a local business on August 22. The man was thwarted in his aims, though, when a television fell on his head mid-theft.

Security camera footage published by Carrollton Police Department shows the man sneaking around a conference room in the building at around 12:30pm on Sunday, and unmounting a television from the wall. The burglar’s legs are then seen throw into the air, as the television proved too heavy and fell on him.

The police department released the footage on their social media in an appeal to the public to help identify the man. They said, “Sure, we want to talk to him about breaking into a business in the 1600 block of W Crosby on Sunday. But first, we want to make sure he’s ok!”

The police department told Storyful, “He got away with nothing (except, perhaps, a headache).” Credit: Carrollton Texas Police Department via Storyful

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