Out on her ear! Shy polar bear cub gets first trip outside from determined mum

Out you go: Polar bear mother Kay carries her cub out by her ear. (Caters)

This shy polar bear cub got a bit of an earful on her first trip outside - before her mum took a well-deserved nap.

The nervous newborn, who only opened her eyes in January, was proudly shown off by her maternal mother at Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia.

But the unnamed female cub couldn’t initially be coaxed from her cave to her adoring public - so her mother had to haul her out by her ears.

The cub, who will be named by zoo guests, initially stayed close to mum but soon got used to her new surroundings and wanted to play.

Mum Kay lovingly rolled around in the cold snow nestling her daughter into her chest.
But she eventually got worn out by the youngsters energy and crashed flat out asleep to recover.

The adorable scenes were captured by keen photographer Anton Belovodchenko, 33, while he was visiting the zoo.


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He said: 'This little cub is the firstborn for Kay and dad Gerda.
'She was very small in comparison to Kay but was still so white and fluffy.
'I'd never seen a seen a young polar bear before so was surprised to see Kay teaching her baby how to take her first steps.'