Outcry as Coventry boozer "full of character and history" set to close down

The Town Wall Tavern will be closing on Bond Street
-Credit: (Image: Coventry Telegraph)

An 1800s Coventry pub is set to close down, citing that they "cannot continue to trade at a loss in the current economic climate" - and many local pub-goers have been sharing their thoughts and memories of The Town Wall Tavern in our comments section.

The pub, run by the Stonegate Group, has no official closing date yet. A new tenant may take up the challenge of running the old city centre favourite in the months to come, but it follows a long and slow decline in pubs across the country as costs rise.

Readers in our comments section have been thinking back on good times at The Town Hall Tavern, including commenter Paulthered "I used to go to the Belgrade to see a play or a band. 9 times out of 10, some actors or band members would end up sitting with me at the big table at the back. Happy times."

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Mouse111 says: “It's a fantastic little boozer, full of character and history. Let's hope that someone can be found to take this pub on, it's too good to loose.”

Le9n12 writes: “Lovely pub, but it is very much hidden away, I'm sure most people don't know about it and because of its location it won't get much passing trade.”

Destroyedcountry thinks that pubs need support and protection: “When government is taxing beer at £0.49p a pint and big business buys up all the competition, this is the result.”

Over on our Facebook page, Alina Lingard says: “This is pub is in such a great location for a post-theatre drink, so if it closes for good we will miss it. Let’s hope someone takes it on. We need historic buildings kept alive, Coventry lost so much in the bombing.”

It's an old favourite for Ross Hamilton: “Many visits there after second dayshift at the Fire Station.” Jennifer Sindall will miss it too: "Our deaf club always enjoy beautiful meals at The Town Wall Tavern pub, friendly staff."

Challenges await whoever take up the mantle, as Gem Douglas writes: “Fantastic traditional pub, good beer, good food, why can’t it make ends meet? Greedy pub companies, changing demographics? Why don’t people go to the pub anymore?”

What should be done to protect more pubs from closing? Comment below, and join in on the conversation below.

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