Outer Banks' Chase Stokes regrets Stranger Things audition

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Outer Banks star auditioned for Stranger ThingsNetflix

Outer Banks season 3 spoilers follow

Outer Banks actor Chase Stokes could have been headlining a different Netflix show, which would have seen him swapping his surfboard for the supernatural.

Season three of Outer Banks has not long landed on the streaming platform, but the line-up could have been different had Stokes remembered the lines for his Stranger Things audition.

Stokes revealed he auditioned for the role of Steve Harrington, played by Joe Keery, but still managed to bag a one-off role.

chase stokes as john b and madelyn cline as sarah cameron in episode 201 of outer banks

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Talking to Access Hollywood, Stokes said he regretted his audition for the show after forgetting all of his lines.

But he thanked the Duffer Brothers, the show's creators, directors and executive producers, for writing him into the show for one episode – he played Reed in season one episode six.

Stokes said: "I actually read for Steve Harrington, and I forgot all the lines and absolutely effed up the audition.

"I drove eight hours from Atlanta back to Orlando, regretting every moment of my life on that."

maya hawke as robin buckley and joe keery as steve harrington, stranger things season 4

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He added: "Joe Keery is an absolute legend and he's so damn good as Steve Harrington. I'm super proud of him."

Stokes appeared in Stranger Things in 2016, and it wasn't until 2020 that Stokes secured the role of John B Routledge in Outer Banks.

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Those who have binged the third outing of the show already, which landed on Netflix only on February 23, will know that it was action-packed.

The search for John B's father Big John comes to an end, as does the Pogues' hunt for El Dorado, the Venezuelan city of gold.

Luckily for Stokes and fans of the show, Outer Banks has been given the green light for season four.

Outer Banks seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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