Outlander location where Jamie Fraser was imprisoned named Edinburgh's top ‘hidden gem’

Craigmillar Castle has been ranked as the number one ‘hidden-gem’ location in Edinburgh.
-Credit: (Image: De Agostini via Getty Images)

Edinburgh's Craigmillar Castle, a filming location for the popular series Outlander was crowned the city's top 'hidden gem' according to a study by Bokun, part of the Tripadvisor family.

The castle, which served as Ardsmuir Prison in the show's third season, topped the list of lesser-known beauty spots worldwide recommended by tourists.

Bokun analysed over 1,000 local destinations using Tripadvisor reviews containing the phrase 'hidden gem', revealing the best places to travel worldwide according to real consumers.

Other Edinburgh locations recognised on the list included Dean Village Historical Site, Gladstone's Land, Jupiter Artland and the Museum On The Mound.

Scotland was revealed as the fourth most likely place worldwide to spot a 'hidden gem', claiming 4% of the total wonders.

England took first place with 33% of total wonders, followed by the United States (31%) and Ireland (6%).

Andencraig Gardens in Rothesay emerged as Scotland's ultimate 'hidden gem', with 17% of all reviews showering it with praise.

It comes as Outlander executive Matthew B Roberts debunked a 'missing' Young Ian scene which had to be slotted in post-filming.

The first part of the seventh series, premiered on Starz and Lionsgate+ on June 16, 2023, resuming the story of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe), amongst others.

In the fifth episode titled, Singapore, Jamie's nephew, Young Ian (John Bell), was tasked with delivering a letter to influential Mohawk Thayandenegea in the Mohawk village.

Ian is full of apprehension about having to return and face Work With Her Hands (Morgan Holmstrom), although the orders were clear and must be followed.

Before setting off, Ian seeks counsel from Claire at Fort Ticonderoga regarding his concerns, a scene that was later incorporated into the series, reports the Express.

Matthew B Roberts, executive producer, discussed this matter on the official Outlander podcast, saying: "There was a moment where in the original script, this scene didn't exist."

He added: "And when we watched the episode, we realised, 'Oh we need to get Ian to the Mohawk village' and in the original cut, he just showed up with the information that he's finding out here."

"And he's already had that information in the scene and it just felt like something was missing."

"So we created this scene to give him the angst actually, we also needed there to be a dilemma for him."

"'Do I go or do I not go, because of who I might see there?" Roberts added."

"So we wrote that scene and inserted it into the cut after we saw the original show put together."

Upon his arrival to the village, Ian was met with a warm welcome by his Mohawk spouse Work With Her Hands who expressed happiness and pride, now mothering a son and a newborn daughter.

Ian was introduced to her child and the similarities between him and the tot immediately became clear - inevitably leading to the conclusion that he was the father.

Despite being unable to play an active role in raising his offspring, it was unmistakable how pleased Ian felt knowing he was a father.

The seventh series has only reached its midpoint, with part two still awaiting streaming and no official return date set in stone.

The end series seven part one marks the commencement of the ultimate journey as Outlander is destined to end with the eighth instalilty, with the cameras expected to roll in 2024.

Outlander is available to watch on Starz and MGM+ via Prime Video Channels.

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