Outrage in London as man spotted wearing Man Utd shirt with 'Hamas 7' near Oxford Circus

-Credit: (Image: SWNS)
-Credit: (Image: SWNS)

A Jewish man has expressed his shock after spotting a football fan wearing a Manchester United shirt with HAMAS emblazoned on the back. The supporter was seen strolling near Oxford Circus tube station in London on Friday (May 24), donning the 'Hamas 7' Red Devils jersey.

The Jewish observer, who prefers to stay anonymous, said the shirt appeared freshly printed and feared that the number 7 might be a nod to the October 7 attacks against Israel.

He said: "I was walking to collect some shoes and saw this guy, I thought it was pretty unbelievable no one was reacting or seemed to notice. I followed him for about two minutes and took photos, I think he was aware I was taking photos of him but didn't seem to care."

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The man said he checked if Hamas could have been a surname, but thinks this is unlikely. He continued: "Even if it was his surname, surely he would have been aware of the association."

"The shirt was a Man United shirt and looked to be newly printed. Wearing the name of a terrorist organisation is really shocking."

Hamas is a prescribed terrorist organisation in the UK -Credit:SWNS
Hamas is a prescribed terrorist organisation in the UK -Credit:SWNS

"I was very offended, especially as the number 7 could have been in reference to the October 7 attacks."

The bystander reported the incident to the police and was informed that officers in the area would be notified and they would keep an eye out.

Hamas is a prescribed terrorist organisation in the UK, and was responsible for the deaths of 1,139 people and the abduction of 250 Israeli hostages on October 7, 2023. Being a member or showing support for Hamas is considered illegal in the UK and can lead to a prison sentence of up to 14 years.

The Metropolitan Police Service has been approached by the South West News Agency (SWNS) for a statement.

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