Over 50 cars queue for San Antonio Whataburger as Texas grocery stores sell out

This was the shocking moment over 50 cars were seen queuing to get food from the fast-food outlet Whataburger in San Antonio as the cold weather has rendered many home kitchens unusable. Footage from February 17 shows over 50 cars queuing on the road to enter the drive-thru part of the store, with many others already around the bend. The sudden plummeting of temperatures in the usually warm Texas saw many homes have their water pipes burst as ice quickly formed. Thousands then scrambled to grocery stores across the state and surrounding areas to get food, but supplies quickly dwindled. Many have been forced to find alternative accommodation and supply of food; with some extreme cases people sleeping in their cars, driving to other states and dining at restaurants. Filmer Jason Coffman told Newsflare: "I was driving to my Dad's from our Airbnb, which has spotty power and no water. "Most grocery stores are sold out, and most restaurants are closed. "So the few that are open have massive one to three hour lines of cars. "H-E-B yesterday had at least 100 people in line to get in for what little groceries were left. "Lines to fill water bottles was wrapped around the parking lot. "It's a mess."