‘It’s over’: Nigel Farage quits politics for good

Tammy Hughes
·1-min read

Nigel Farage, the grassroots Brexit politician largely credited with pressuring David Cameron into having an EU referendum, has quit politics for good.

Mr Farage was the leader of the UK Independence Party until he famously quit after the 2016 referendum.

However he made a sensational return two years later to form the Brexit Party, which later became the Reform Party, as a reaction the government’s negotiations with the European Union.

Now, it seems, he has finally had enough.

“There’s no going back - Brexit is done,” he told the Sunday Telegraph’s Chopper Politics podcast.

“That won’t be reversed. I know I’ve come back once or twice when people thought I’d gone, but this is it. It’s done. It’s over.”

Mr Farage said he didn’t want to play golf “four times a week followed by half a pint of bitter” but instead intended to campaign against China’s influence in the UK and what he called the “woke agenda”.

“I see our communities being divided more than ever by this agenda. And I’m very worried about it. I want to fight all those things,” he said.

“I have built up over these years quite a considerable social media platform. I’ve got reach. So I want to go on influencing the debate. I want to go on changing debate. But I can do that without going out and fighting elections.”

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