Overheard on the Tube: Londoners reveal the most bizarre conversations they've heard on the underground

Sophie Williams
People have taken to social media to share hilarious things they have heard on the tube: NIGEL HOWARD ©

London Tube passengers have revealed some of the most bizarre conversations they have overheard on the capital's underground network.

From Tube station pronunciations to figuring out how to explain a reason for being late for work, commuters have been posting the most hilarious conversations on the 'Overheard on the Tube' Facebook page.

The Facebook page, operated by TfL, allows passengers to share their own stories and also post anonymously.

Fi McCrindle shared a conversation she heard on the Tube at High Street Kensington, writing: "They met on a ferris wheel and got married eight months later."

(TfL Overheard on the Tube)

Others shared their panic at not knowing how to pronounce Tube station names.

One person overheard another passenger at Baker Street Tube say: "He thought it was 'Swift Cottage'."

(TfL Overheard on the Tube)

While another person said they overheard a passenger at Bermondsey station say: "I always read it Canada Waiter. I genuinely started to wonder who he was."

Another passenger, who appeared to be new to the London Underground network, was heard to say: "Do they sell coffee on here?"

(TfL Overheard on the Tube)

While others were heard discussing the logistics of taking furniture on the underground.

(TfL Overheard on the Tube)

One person at Waterloo said they had overheard someone explaining why they were late for work.

"We were late because he was in the garden trying to feed a squirrel," the passenger was heard to say.

Others travelling on the underground and bus network were clearly more interested in food with one saying: "I'm aiming to do the big three this weekend. KFC, Nando's and McDonald's.

(TfL Overheard on the Tube)

While another Londoner was overheard on the overground saying: "I'm so fly, I could play Quidditch."

The London Underground transports over 1.37 billion passengers a year around the capital.