Owen Jones vows to quit social media because it is 'completely and utterly depressing'

Tom Powell
Popular: the writer has a quarter of a million Facebook ‘likes’ and over half a million Twitter followers: PA Archive/PA Images

Owen Jones has vowed to quit social media because it is “completely and utterly depressing”.

The leading left-wing writer and activist, who has a quarter of a million Facebook ‘likes’ and over half a million Twitter followers, explained his decision in a lengthy post.

He said he was tired of receiving endless abuse from strangers and suggested social media is no longer a useful platform for political debate and discussion.

The Guardian columnist wrote: “On a daily basis I have angry strangers yelling at me, on the one hand, that I'm responsible for the destruction of the Labour Party, and on the other, I'm a right-wing sellout careerist who's allied to Tony Blair and possibly in the pay of the Israeli government.”

He continued: “I find myself constantly engaging with people denouncing my motives while sending abuse. And my friends ask: What are you doing? Why are you wasting your life on this nonsense? And they're just right.

“Added with the usual far-right extremists sending ever more creative descriptions of how they're going to torture and murder me, I'm no longer convinced social media is as useful a tool for political debate and discussion as it once was.

“I wouldn't choose to walk every day into a room full of total strangers screaming mindless abuse and making up what I think and what my motives are, but in a sense that's what I'm currently doing.”

In the 1,115-word Facebook post he goes on to insist that he will “never stop passionately believing in the things I do”.

He also admits that he will still use social media to promote articles, videos and events.

In January, Mr Jones issued an online call-to-arms for an emergency demonstration against Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban.

The event received major attention on social media and tens of thousands descended on Westminster for the march.

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