OWEN: Pittsburg County 4-H Craft Contest

Mar. 16—This contest will consist of small articles made in the 4-H Leisure Education and Cultural Arts Projects. The contest is scheduled for Saturday, April 13 at 11 a.m. at Frink-Chambers Community Center. Rules are as follows:

1. Each entry must have exhibitor's name, grade, and club in the title of the email.

2. NO 2023 COUNTY FAIR EXHIBITS. All entries must be newly crafted. Entries from this contest do qualify for the 2024 County Fair. Grade Divisions: Clover-bud (K-2nd grade); Junior Division (grades 3rd (and 8 years old)-7th grade; Senior Division-8th-12th grades.


1. Fine Art — Pencil, Charcoal, Pastel, Chalk, Ink

2. Fine Art — Watercolor

3. Fine Art — Oil or Acrylic

4. Ceramics — Glazed (maximum of one piece)

5. Ceramics — Stained (maximum of one piece)

6. Pottery — Original design made from clay using a process of hand molding or on a potter's wheel

7. Print Process Article — Block printing and other printing methods

8. Nature Craft — Article made from natural materials including weaving or basket making

9. Bead Craft Article

10. Leathercraft — Kit

11. Leathercraft — Original Design

12. Handcrafted Wax Candle

13. Handcrafted Gel Candle

14. Puppet

15. Paper Craft

16. Plastic Craft — Including but not limited to Lego Art. If Lego Art is entered, it must be glued.

17. Duct Tape Craft

18. Miscellaneous (limited to items that cannot be entered in any other class)

For more information about this and other 4-H events and activities please give us a call at 423-4120 or email me at