Owner of Glasgow's Leopardo Pizza reveals second location plan

Eager restauranteurs create dozens of jobs with Leopardo Pizza
Eager restauranteurs create dozens of jobs with Leopardo Pizza

Before you can say pizza, the ambitious owners behind Glasgow Fort’s newest restaurant are already on the hunt for another venue.

Leopardo Pizza, from the team behind Bread Meats Bread, is only days away from opening its first location in the Easterhouse shopping centre on Thursday, September 29.

The restaurant is creating dozens of jobs in the area and within the company, as owners reveal their plans to continue expansion.

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Luli Avdyli, one of the owners behind the Bread Meats Bread group, told the Glasgow Times: “We’ve started with about 30 to 40 members of staff.

“For this unit, that’s probably more than we will initially require, but it’s a new venue.

“And another reason behind that, is we are actually already looking for our second venue, but we don’t know where it’s going to be.”

The initial concept for Leopardo Pizza was dreamed up almost two years ago with a venue in the city centre but plans for the unit fell through.

When the team saw an opportunity next to Bread Meats Bread at the Glasgow Fort that ticked all the boxes, they went for it.

Luli said: “The idea is to roll it out, the same as Bread Meats Bread for the second and third venues.

“We are already looking, and we have already instructed our agent to look for a new venue for us.”

In the meantime, there is sure to be some healthy competition between Luli and his partners’ two restaurants at the Fort.

Luli said: “The managers next door weren’t too happy, but at the end of the day, there is nothing like this here at the Fort.

“When we sold the idea to the management of the shopping centre, they were absolutely delighted for us to have a pizzeria here.”

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Leopardo’s Pizza will serve Neopolitan-style pies with a crispy style sourdough crust, fresh toppings, and a special base made with Marzano tomatoes imported from Italy.

The restauranteurs also have another trick up their sleeves to entice their customers - chips.

Luli said: “Neopolitan-style pizza is not new, but we did find a niche, a big gap in the market with some of our competitors.

“We are going to sell chips in our restaurant because everybody loves chips.

“Especially in Glasgow.”

Leopardo Pizza will be the third brand under the umbrella of Bread Meats Bread, which also has Babs’ on West Nile Street in Glasgow City Centre.

Luli said: “The official doors open on Thursday, and we can’t wait.”

Watch our look inside the Glasgow Fort venue: