Owners of house featuring latest Banksy appear to be removing the street art

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The new owners of a house which features the latest Banksy appear to be removing the famous piece of street art to protect it.

Builders have been spotted at the 'Aachoo' mural working underneath a large sheet of tarpaulin - with loud drilling noises heard throughout the day (19/02).

Banksy's work on the side of the home, on the famously steep Vale Street, Bristol, caused a stir in December as the house was due to be sold.

There were rumours the artwork meant the sale wouldn't go through and the sellers would pull out - as the art could add millions to the property's estimated 300K value.

But locals confirm a new family has moved in - and pictures today show the world-famous artist's work could be being removed.

A wooden shelter, Perspex screen and CCTV camera have been installed over the last few weeks - all in a bid to protect it.

One onlooker, who wished not to be named, said: "It's all covered up with scaffolding and tarpaulin.

"There's a ladder to the side of it where workers are trying to get access. Removal? I couldn't say, you can't see a thing, but there's two or three workers there."

The Banksy appeared just as Aileen Makin was due to exchange contracts on the modest family home.

But the sale was put on hold after the elusive street artist confirmed the work on the side of their building was his.

Banksy claimed responsibility for the artwork, which depicts an elderly woman sneezing out her dentures, on December 10.

The new owners of the home refused to comment - along with builders present.