Oxford Street Christmas lights boss shares remarkable story of kindness from his Uber driver

Hatty Collier
Steven Medway shared the story of goodwill after raving about his love of curry

The man in charge of Oxford Street's Christmas lights has shared a remarkable story of goodwill which happened after he took a ride in a minicab.

Steven Medway, 36, was travelling home to Bethnal Green after a night out in central London when he got chatting to his Uber driver about his love of Indian food.

The minicab driver, named Fazal, told Mr Medway that his wife makes the “best biryani” and took his phone number before promising to deliver some over the weekend.

Mr Medway, the managing director of trading environment for Oxford Street, said he was at home on Saturday night when the phone rang and the driver informed him he was on the way to see him with the curry dish.

Tasty dish, the biryiani that was delivered by an Uber driver

He told the Standard: “We were chatting about how much I love Indian food and Fazal said, ‘My wife makes the best biryani, you should try some.’

“I’d had a bit to drink. He asked for my number and said he’d call me. I didn’t think anything of it again until the phone rang on Saturday night.

“He called me to ask if I would be home at about 9pm. I tried to give him £10 for the trip and he almost got offended. He said, ‘Not everything in life is about money. This is about friendship.’

“The curry was amazing, it was really good. I have lived in London a long time and it can be a lonely place. It was just really, really nice.”

Mr Medway wrote about the gesture on Facebook, describing the Uber driver as “quite possibly the kindest man I have ever met”.

He wrote: “Had a conversation with the Uber driver on Tuesday evening when drunk, about how much I love Indian food and biryani.

"Uber driver say his wife makes the best biryani and asks for my number.

“I give him my number and he says he will call me to deliver some. This evening, phone rings and the name says Fasal [sic] biryani. I think who is this?

“Then I remember the conversation, answer and Fasal says he will be round this evening with the biryani.

“He has just turned up, I think such a nice guy, I'll give him a tenner for his time. He says no money, this is friendship. Quite possibly the kindest man I have ever met.”

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