Oxford Uni Retweets Person Calling David Lammy 'Bang Out Of Order' Over Diversity Data

Steven Hopkins
Labour MP David Lammy has called Oxford University as 'bastion of white privilege'

Oxford University retweeted a post today criticising David Lammy for his “bitter” remarks after figures showed more than one in four of its colleges did not admit a single black British student each year during a three year period. 

The Labour MP slammed the university on Wednesday as being a “bastion of entrenched, wealthy upper class white privilege” after admission figures showed white British applicants were twice as likely - 24% - to be admitted to undergraduate courses at Oxford as their black British peers – 12%.

Shortly after Lammy was interviewed about the figures on BBC’s Today programme, the university retweeted a post accusing the MP of being “bang out of order”.

Comments under the retweet questioned why the university was endorsing the remark.