Oxygen Masks Deployed on Jet Airways Flight as Passengers Complain of Nosebleeds

A Jet Airways plane had to make an emergency return to Mumbai airport on Thursday, September 20, shortly after takeoff due to a problem with the cabin pressure.

These photos were captured by passenger Satish Nair after oxygen masks were deployed in the cabin.

At least 30 passengers suffered ear and nose bleeds, NDTV reported. Lalit Gupta, joint director general, of Directorate General of CIvil Aviation (DGCA) told the Times of India the flight crew had failed to enable the cabin pressurisation system.

Flight 9W 697 to Jaipur had 166 passengers on board at the time of the incident, the report said.

A Jet Airways spokesperson told the news channel that first aid was administered to injured passengers and an alternative flight would be arranged for its customers. Credit: Satish Nair via Storyful