Ozark fans are calling for Julia Garner to win awards for mid-season finale: ‘Performance of the year’

One particular scene in Ozark’s mid-season finale has blown fans away.

The first half of Ozark season four arrived on Netflix on 21 January – and many fans of the show have already watched all seven episodes.

The new series sees Jason Bateman and Laura Linney return to play Marty and Wendy Byrde, a married couple who relocate their family to the Lake of the Ozarks for money laundering.

But in finale’s closing minutes, everyone’s eyes were on Julia Garner, who plays a member of a local crime family, Ruth Langmore.

*Spoilers ahead*

At the end of the season, Ruth discovers that her cousin Wyatt and powerful matriarch Darlene Snell have been murdered.

At first, she suspects that Kansas City Mafia member Frank Cosgrove Jr is responsible for killing them as revenge for the murder of his father, but he denies it.

Ruth drives straight to the Byrdes’ house. She knows the Byrdes must know who killed Wyatt – and the family’s son Jonah tells her it was cartel criminal Javi Elizondro.

When Marty tries to calm Ruth down, she flips. If Marty wants to stop Ruth hunting down Javi, one of the most dangerous men alive, she screams at him: “You’re gonna have to F***ING KILL MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”

Ruth’s primal scream is being lauded as the “performance of the mf year”.

One viewer posted on Twitter: “Julia Garner’s performance as Ruth Langmore in Ozark Season 4 was absolutely nothing short of amazing. The last 5 minutes of episode 7 brought me to tears because of her outstanding acting.”

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The first seven episodes of Ozark season four are available to stream on Netflix now. The second half of the series will be released later this year.