Ozzy Osbourne says he’d be dead if it wasn’t for wife Sharon

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Ozzy Osbourne says he’d be dead if it wasn’t for wife Sharon

Ozzy Osbourne has said that he’d be dead without wife Sharon.

Last month, the Black Sabbath frontman and reality TV star celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, having tied the knot in 1982.

In a new interview with The Independent, Ozzy opened up about the secret to a long-lasting marriage.

“Love, I suppose,” the musician answered. “If it wasn’t for Sharon, I’d be dead.”

He continued: “I was doing f***ing huge amounts of drugs and booze. I never stopped. People wouldn’t know if I was gonna go through the door, the roof or the window. Now I don’t drink or smoke or f***ing do any of that s***. I’m f***ing boring!”

The couple first met when Sharon was 18 and her dad was managing Black Sabbath. They married 12 years later and went on to have three children – and their own reality TV show – together.

In June, Ozzy had “life-altering” surgery two years after he was diagnosed with a form of Parkinson’s. Sharon explained that the screws on two metal plates in his spine had come loose and were chipping away at the bone, causing his back to hunch.

Last week, the musician revealed he has suffered from depression, blood clots and crippling nerve pain as a result of the disease.

“With the pressing on the spinal column, I got nerve pain. I’d never f***ing heard of nerve pain!” Osbourne said. “It got so bad that at one point I thought: ‘Oh God, please don’t let me wake up tomorrow morning.’ Because it was f***ing agony.”