Padang man grows plant being researched as a Covid-19 treatment in Indonesia

A man living in the countryside near Padang, Indonesia, is cultivating a plant that is being researched as a possible Covid-19 treatment in Indonesia. While some claim it is an effective treatment, there are currently no scientific studies reliably proving this. The plant, which naturally grows wild in the hills above Padang city in Sumatra, is called Sungkai. It is currently also being cultivated by people in the Sungkai village area in Pauh District, Padang. Proponents say it is a promising plant for Covid-19 treatment as it contains secondary metabolites that can overcome bacteria and viruses, reduce high fever and increase human endurance. The man, Rimbra, said: "This leaf has been tested in a laboratory, with the results of the labor that many families of people with Covid-19 consume the leaves of the plant as a drink, to make it easier for me to make tea from this sungkai leaf". That claim is currently unproven, but research is going on in Indonesia to confirm whether it is true.

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