Best paddling pool, sprinklers and water accessories deals for Prime Day 2022

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If you haven’t yet stepped outside in the last few days, we have news. London is in the grip of a heatwave, with the mercury set to reach a sweltering 37 degrees by July 19.

Naturally, you’ve stocked up on plenty of fans, portable air conditioning units and other cooling devices to keep your house as cool as a cucumber. But, having wished for sunshine for most part of the year, it seems a waste to shrink away from it now. Why not get out there and enjoy summer with the help of a refreshing paddling pool in the garden?

Alongside standard inflatable paddling pools, there are water slides and sprinkler spray mats too - perfect for little ones to enjoy over the summer holidays.

Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with outdoor space big enough to fit a pool - a garden in London is pipe dream for most - so we’ve also rounded up plenty of fun water accessories of the super soaker nature that can be used in smaller outdoor areas or even your local park.

Thankfully this hot weather has coincided with Amazon Prime Day, meaning you can invest in all the water gadgets your heart desires, for a fraction of the usual price - you might even have some leftover cash for an overpriced Flake 99.

When does Amazon Prime Day 2022 end?

Running across 48 hours and ending July 13 at 23.59, there’s no time to lose when it comes to bagging yourself a bargain as we reckon these deals are going to be snapped up pretty quickly. You simply need to be a Prime subscriber to make the most of the deals and luckily, if you’re not already, it costs just £79 a year, £7.99 a month or there’s a 30-day free trial.

Shop below the latest paddling pool and water toys that will provide endless fun in the sun for all ages.

Paddling Pool Deals

Bestway Family Pool 262 x 175 x 51 cm - was: £49.99, now: £25.94

KEPLIN Large 6ft Rectangular Paddling Pool - was: £44.99, now: £32.99

VFM - 2.6m Blue Jumbo Family Pool - was: £45.99, now: £34.99

Bestway Fill-N-Fun Paddling Pool - 96 x 18 Inches - was: £33.85, now: £26.47

VOXON Inflatable Swimming Pool 250 x 180 x 55 cm - was: £79.99, now: £64.99

Sprinklers for kids

Vishare Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids - was: £12.99, now: £10.39

Giant Inflatable Dinosaur Sprinklers Victop 92" Sprinkler Water Toys for Kids - was: £65.99, now: £52.79

Faburo 170cm Sprinkle and Splash Water Play Mat - was: £15.99, now: £11.99

Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler Toys for Kids - was: £14.99, now: £9.89

iBaseToy Sprinkler for Kids - 32" Large Rainbow Beach Ball Sprinkler - was: £19.99, now: £11.99

Water Accessories

Nerf Super Soaker Rainstorm Water Blaster - was: £12.99, now: £9.99

Bestway H20GO! Double Lane Water Slide, 5.5 m - was: £25.38, now: £18.50

Henbrandt Water Guns Pack Of 2 - was: £2.99 now: £2.39

Intex Dinoland Play Center Inflatable Water Play Center - was: £59.99, now: £48.97

Hot Tubs

A better-than-half-price hot tub? This one needs no explaining.

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Hot Tub - was: £499, now: £325

Lay-Z-Spa 60011 Vegas Hot Tub - was: £333.08, now: £350

Lay-Z-Spa St Tropez Hot Tub - was: £629, now: £589.95

Lay-Z-Spa Cancun Hot Tub - was: £529, now: £223

Lay-Z-Spa Hollywood - was: £699, now: £399.99

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