Paddy McGuinness arrested as a teen for stealing petrol

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Paddy McGuinness credit:Bang Showbiz
Paddy McGuinness credit:Bang Showbiz

Paddy McGuinness was once arrested for stealing petrol.

The 'Top Gear' presenter admitted that he broke the law after getting his first car at the age of 17, when he drove around with "no licence, no insurance and no MOT".

He added: “I did have a tax disc. It’d been taken out of somebody’s car.

"You hear about d******* drivers crashing with no insurance, but in my teenage years those thoughts didn’t enter my head."

And Paddy, 48, revealed that he went one step further when he actually stole petrol for the car.

Writing in his book, 'My Lifey', he said: "The next thing I knew, I was in the holding cells at Bolton Police Station. The thought of my mum finding out scared the living daylights out of me.”

Meanwhile, Paddy - who has daughter Felicity, five, and seven-year-old twins Leo and Penelope with wife Christine - recently claimed his children are too posh, explaining that they lead a completely different lifestyle to what he experienced during his own childhood.

He said: "When we were getting this house done, we used to drive up and let them look from outside.

"The first thing my daughter says is, 'Where's the swimming pool?' I was like, 'Is that a normal question to ask someone?'

"This is so far removed from my childhood, and she said it's just normal, totally normal, 'Where's the housekeeper living, Daddy?'

"It's mad, but that's just how it is, I think it's difficult when you're brought up with like double nothing.

"You do have that thing in your head where they can have what they want but you don't want them to be spoilt or just expecting things."

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