Paddy McGuinness 'feeling stronger' after gaining three stone

Julia Hunt
Paddy McGuinness attends charity fundraiser for Beechwood cancer care at PRINCIPAL on November 23, 2018 (Carla Speight/Getty Images)

Paddy McGuinness has shared before and after pictures after gaining three stone, saying he “looked ill” before piling on the pounds.

The Take Me Out and Top Gear star said he had got down to 12 stone but that he was “feeling stronger” now that he is up to 15 stone.

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Sharing the before and after snaps – which were taken a year apart - on Instagram, he wrote: “Look at the difference!

“I definitely feel better with a bit of weight on me.

“There’s 12 months between these pics.

“I stripped right back to 12 stone, felt fit but looked ill.

“I’m now 15 stone and feeling stronger, having said that none of my suits fit me anymore!!!”

It is not the first time that McGuinness, 46, has shared details of his weight loss.

In January last year the TV star posted a picture on Instagram of him before embarking on a strict diet and exercise regime, and another picture of him showing off his muscles after shedding over a stone in weight.

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However, on that occasion the presenter also said he felt a bit too “thin” and that he had decided to gain a bit of weight back.

He said at the time: “I’m now somewhere in between these two pics shape wise, probably more to the first one after Chrimmy!

“I still enjoy training but I don’t fancy stripping that much fat again.”