Paedophiles in Norway are buying sex dolls built to look like children

Men in Norway – including convicted child sex offenders – are ordering dozens of lifelike child sex dolls from the Far East.

Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service said officials were ‘worried and shocked’ – and that buyers ‘may pose a risk of committing abuses against children in the future.’

Spokesman Axel Due said that three men had been arrested for buying the dolls, but released, as it’s not clear whether they violate Norwegian Law.

Another man was arrested for possession of child pornography.

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Jon Ferner Bergersen, acting director of customs intelligence said ‘I know that I react violently when I see this. The first was seized in October, since then we have seized 21. We are worried and shocked.’

It’s not clear which company manufactures the dolls seized by Norwegian customs.

One company Trottla, makes lifelike dolls of children, and was founded by a paedophile artist, Shin Takagi, who claims he has never acted on his own desires.

For more than a decade, the company has been shipping plastic sex dolls based on the bodies of children as young as five around the world.

The dolls, which sell for more than £6,000 each, are made of rubber and come with accessories such as wigs and ‘tan lines’.

The dolls remain legal in the UK – and advocates have claimed that they stop paedophiles acting on their desires.