I paid $1,500 to renovate my parents’ garage — now I live there with my fiancé

I paid $1,500 to renovate my parents’ garage — now I live there with my fiancé

Living in the parents’ garage never looked so good.

Moving back in with your folks might not sound like something to brag about. However, a Delaware woman turned her mom and dad’s garage into a cozy “cottage”-like studio apartment for just $1,500, as seen in a recent series of TikTok videos attracting attention from other home makeover hobbyists.

“When you come in, you feel peaceful and serene,” Savannah Shockley, 24, told the Daily Mail of her unconventional abode. “It’s very earth, calming, natural.”

In one clip, the Delawaran details the garage’s transformation from a cluttered, grotty mess to a quaint little nook with couches, coffee tables, paintings, and more like a Brooklyn flat.

Shockley, who is the frontwoman for her eponymous Savannah Band, was reportedly inspired by a similar garage overhaul she did while living in Fresno, California in 2022. She detailed the converted carport in a clip with over 4.2 million views.

After moving back to Delaware, the renovator decided to pimp her ride spot all over again.

So, the musician, along with her fiancé, brother, uncle and a few friends, went to Home Depot and shelled out $1,500 on materials — around what Shockley and her beau used to spend on rent each month.

They then got to work turning the spartan carport into their personal little castle.

First, the impromptu contractors erected two walls, cordoning off a 250-foot space where Shockley would live and work. After installing the necessary drywall and insulation, the crew put down a floor comprised of wood-patterned Vinyl panels from Lowe’s.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to install plumbing, large appliances, or even a full-service kitchen as her parents’ house is right next to them.

“We do have a fridge and a microwave in here,” said Shockley of her side-car-esque arrangement. “But we also use their kitchen whenever we need.”

Nonetheless, Shockley said she and her compatriots worked from morning til night for seven straight days because they “really wanted to get it done.”

“We we were so excited, so we just kept going,” gushed the singer, who opted to paint the walls sage green as she felt it was “relaxing and nice.”

As for furnishing, the decorator managed to cut corners by using a pyramid dresser gifted to her by her uncle. She also installed a stained glass pane, presumably a leftover piece from the previous owners, which she described as “beautiful during the day.”

“I love the color effect,” Shockley fawned. “The sun comes right through. But it also adds privacy; you don’t really need curtains.”

The digs are also festooned with celestial-themed decor such as little stars, moons, crystals, etc — an ode to the vocalist’s astrology obsession.

This is interspersed with pictures of sailboats, seashells she collected, and other nautical-themed elements like a seaside antique shop.

“‘I like [having] a boho-beachy vibe,” said Shockley. “I live near the beach.”

The musician, who loved decorating, also put a personal stamp on the place by adorning her crib with items such as her ukelele and guitars and angel wings from her mom.

Also on display is a candle she acquired when she first started dating her fiance six years ago.

“It’s two people, and they’re hugging,” she said. “They’re like twin-flame candles. We always said we were each other’s twin flame and I found it a week after I met him.”

Of course, Shockley also makes sure to pay homage her home’s humble garage roots.

‘I have had friends come over a lot since we built it,” she said. “We’ve been having jam sessions. And everyone loves it!”