Paige Sandhu would love to return to Emmerdale

Paige Sandhu teases a return to Emmerdale credit:Bang Showbiz
Paige Sandhu teases a return to Emmerdale credit:Bang Showbiz

Paige Sandhu would love to return to 'Emmerdale.'

The 25-year-old actress - who bowed out of her role as murderess Meena Jutla back in April 2022 and won the Best Leading Performer at the British Soap Awards on Saturday (11.06.22) - teased that "anything could happen" when the show reaches its 50th anniversary in October and admitted that she would definitely go back.

She said: "I definitely feel like anything could happen for the 50th. It's Emmerdale after all. We're going to go big. Of course [I'd go back] The people who work there are so great, they're so warm and I love the characters!"

However, the soap star - whose character was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate, and Ben Tucker - claimed that any return would be anything but a "redemption" storyline as she labelled Meena as a "psychopath."

She told "She's bad. There's no redemption for her! She's a psychopath, but I think we can love her for that. I mean I definitely want to carry on doing stories with Rebecca Sarker, who plays [her sister] Manpreet because she's such a great actress and we have such fun together. So anything with her I'd be up for!

"Working with Rebecca was fun because as an actress you don't just want to play one note. You want to play the multitude of notes that there are, and Meena loves Manpreet, but also hates her and takes revenge against her, and I think it's very satisfying as an actress to be able to do that."

The Yorkshire-based soap was also named Best British Soap at the 2022 British Soap Awards , having sought off competition from BBC rivals EastEnders' and 'Doctors', as well as fellow ITV show 'Coronation Street' and Channel 4's 'Hollyoaks', and the show's long-running Dingle family received the accolade for Best Family in British Soap.