Paige Thorne plans work return after Love Island

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Paige Thorne will appear on Love Island credit:Bang Showbiz
Paige Thorne will appear on Love Island credit:Bang Showbiz

Paige Thorne will "100 per cent" be returning to work as a paramedic once 'Love Island' is over.

The 24-year-old beauty was forced to quit her job if she wanted to spend the summer in the famous villa in Mallorca but she came to "an agreement" with her bosses, who are open to the idea of her returning to her post once her time on the show comes to an end.

Speaking ahead of the show's launch, she said: "I tried lots of ways to stay employed but because of how the NHS is structured, it wasn’t possible, so I came to an agreement with work where I resign and have time off for now and when I come out I go back into talks on going back into work.

"One hundred per cent I’ll be going back to being a paramedic. It sounds cliche and disgusting, and I hate myself for it, but it’s who I am. I’m a people person, I love the elderly, and I couldn’t think of not doing that as my career."

Paige kept her casting a secret from her work partner and her brothers, and she admitted her dad wasn't very happy when she first told him about the show.

She said: "My dad had reservations at first. He’s not watched the show and he doesn’t really know what it’s about, but he’s come round.

"Not that he would just sit there and watch it anyway, I don’t think he would, but he won’t want to hear about anything too mischievous that I’ve been up to.

"I’ll try and be on my best behaviour. I'll just make sure I stay the little princess he thinks that I am."

Paige filmed her audition video while drunk and admitted sending it in was done "on a whim".

She said: “I was literally lying in bed and did the video the night before, my little audition thing, but I didn’t send it because I was thought it was so cringey and it wasn’t going to get me anywhere - it’s so embarrassing!

“But then I woke up still a bit drunk after the night before and I thought I’ll just send it and see what happens. I just did it on a whim.”

Paige decided to apply after finding her options for love limited in her hometown of Swansea.

She said: "Basically Swansea is so small everyone just knows each other and is in each other’s business - it’s just not the vibe.

“The boys there just aren’t a vibe.”

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