Paige Thorne plans to stay inside her 'positive bubble'

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Paige Thorne wants to remain positive credit:Bang Showbiz
Paige Thorne wants to remain positive credit:Bang Showbiz

Paige Thorne is determined to stay "firmly inside" her bubble of positivity.

The reality TV star has recently faced criticism from some of her former 'Love Island' co-stars - but Paige insists she won't "talk s***" about anyone else.

Appearing on the 'Fancy A Chat?' podcast, Paige explained: "If you've got to talk s*** about someone else to keep yourself relevant, that's fine. It's not my vibe.

"Why can't you focus on yourself and all the positive things, rather than talk s*** about anyone else?

"I'm not about that. I'm in my little positive bubble and I stay firmly inside it. People just want to try to pop it sometimes but it's impenetrable, so no."

Paige also revealed how her boyfriend Adam Collard is helping her to deal with her new-found fame.

The reality star praised her boyfriend - who first starred on the show in 2018 - and admitted she's "really enjoyed everything" about her post-'Love Island' life.

She said: "It is really overwhelming but Adam's been absolutely great because he's done it before, so he's been taking it under my wing and helping me out.

"It's been good. I'm glad I've got him to help me out because otherwise I'd be a headless chicken. I've really enjoyed everything so far."

Despite this, Paige recently insisted she'll soon return to her job as a paramedic.

The TV star is "excited" about being reunited with her ambulance, because she "really enjoys" being a paramedic - but she also plans to do "other things" alongside the role.

She said: "I actually saw an ambulance the other day with sirens on. I had like serious FOMO [fear of missing out]!

"I was like, 'Get me my ambulance back!' So I'm going to go back into that a little bit and just see what opportunities come from that.

"It's one of those things - I genuinely just love my job. So why wouldn't I want to go back to it? I really enjoyed it. But I'll do other things alongside it."