Pair of Alpacas Run Loose in Oakland Neighborhood

Two runaway alpacas named Boogie and Woogie explored a neighborhood in Oakland, California, on Saturday, January 8, before eventually being corralled and returned safely to their home on a local urban farm, local media reported.

The owner of the alpacas, Tobias Riday, told the LA Times that the father-and-son duo escaped through unlocked gates as he and his family went for a hike.

Riday said he and his daughter raced around the neighborhood searching for the alpacas, ABC7 reported.

This footage, captured by Aliyah Walker, shows the animals wandering up Malcolm Avenue, a residential road next to Oakland Zoo and Knowland Park.

A homeowner finally captured the alpacas in a driveway. Riday loaded the animals into his truck and took them home, the LA Times reported. The animals were unharmed, reports said. Credit: Aliyah Walker via Storyful

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