Men jailed after filming dogs mauling badgers to death in what judge calls 'medieval barbarity'

Two thugs have been jailed after filming their dogs mauling badgers to death (Stock picture: Getty)

Two men have been jailed after filming sickening footage of their dogs mauling badgers to death in what a judge branded “medieval barbarity”.

Ryan Harrison, 24, and Thomas Young, 26, were jailed for 22 weeks and 20 weeks respectively after admitting a string of animal cruelty charges.

Hundreds of sickening video clips were found on Harrison’s phone, including badger killings, and Merthyr Magistrates’ Court heard that the pair had also tried to kill a deer, as well as setting their dogs on a boar before stabbing the wounded the animal with a knife.

In one horrifying video, a baby badger is skinned alive by two dogs as Harrison and Young watch.

During the clip, one of the men says: “That’s grim as f*ck,” while another man laughs before Young batters it with a shovel.

A total of 447 video clips of sickening animal cruelty were found on Harrison's phone, including badger killings (Picture: SWNS)

Sentencing the pair, District Judge Neil Thomas described the offences as “medieval barbarity” adding: “The absence of remorse was obvious.”

Harrison, of Caldicot, Monmouthshire, admitted 15 animal cruelty offences and was jailed for 22 weeks.


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Young, of East Pentwyn, Blaina, pleaded guilty to six charges and was jailed for 20 weeks.

A third man, Cyle Jones, 31, of Brecon, admitted two animal welfare charges and was jailed for 18 weeks.

All three were banned from keeping dogs for life.

After the case, RSPCA Chief inspector Ian Briggs said: "The RSPCA’s special operations unit has to investigate some truly gruesome acts on animals.

“But the prolific nature of these horrific crimes are some of the worst I - and my inspectors - have ever had the displeasure of witnessing.

“This barbaric, deliberate and calculated torture has caused wildlife and dogs to suffer immeasurably, solely for the sadistic pleasure of a handful of depraved individuals.

“Sadly, people who enjoy inflicting such pain and suffering on wildlife continue to offend in Wales.

“The RSPCA will not rest in bringing people like these to justice.”